Welcome to Q flowers!

On our website you can find information about our services and visions

We are a young company with fresh views about supplying you with the best products in the most convenient way.

From our base right in the middle of the UK in Coventry we are providing our services to an ever expending customer base. Because of our central position in the country we are able to supply quality products to a wide area.

We are running two refrigerated trucks 5 days a week for your convenience to bring a large range of products to your doorstep. With our customers based from Essex to Liverpool and everywhere in between we are always in your area too!

Web sales are a growing part of our company that more and more customers have embraced as an ideal buying method with an ever bigger selection to buy from.

Curious? Have a ‘sneak peak’ by login in to our web shop with actual stock using login: QDEMO Password: QDEMO

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